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Lake George Student Handbook


We envision Lake George Elementary as a safe learning environment where teachers, parents, and students actively contribute to the social, emotional and academic success of each student.


The administration and staff would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Lake George Elementary School. The information in this handbook has been compiled to help you succeed at this school. The entire staff is here to assist you with your education. Come and share in our vision of excellence in education.



Please feel free to contact us on any problem or concern. Listed below are the phone numbers of various departments on campus.


Main Office Receptionist 407-737-1430 Ext. 221

Attendance/registration 407-737-1430 Ext. 232

Secretary/Bookkeeper 407-737-1430 Ext. 223

ESE/ESOL services 407-737-1430 Ext. 244

Cafeteria 407-737-1430 Ext. 226

Extended Day 407-737-1430 Ext. 230 or 407-737-1435

Dean of Students 407-737-1430 Ext. 278



8:45 AM to 3:00 PM (2:00 PM every Wednesday)

Cafeteria opens for breakfast at 8:15 AM



SUPERVISION IS NOT PROVIDED FOR STUDENTS ON CAMPUS before 8:15 am, therefore students are not to come to the school or be dropped off at the school before 8:15 am each morning. The school or the Orange County School Board cannot be held liable for any harm that may befall a student who arrives at school prior to this designated time of 8:15 am or is not picked up from school by 3:30 pm (2:30 pm). Students are to go directly to the pavilion and wait in an orderly manner until the teacher invites them to enter the classroom at 8:40 am. Any student who is not in his/her classroom by 8:40 am. is considered tardy.



Children are required to attend school 180 days a year. By law, parents are required to provide within 3 school days a written explanation of each absence. Notes not received within three (3) days will cause an absence to be considered as unexcused. Notes from parents are to contain: (a) date written, (b) dates of absence, (c) reason for absence, (d) home or work phone number and (e) parent signature. Phone calls to notify the school of your child’s absence are appreciated, however, they do not replace the requirement of a written excuse upon returning to school. The only legally excused absences are for health reasons such as student illness, doctor appointments, or death of relatives. Certain other extreme emergencies may be excusable at the principal’s discretion. Family vacations are not excused absences. Please plan family activities and vacations during student holidays. All absences require make-up of assignments.


Students arriving to class after 8:45 am are considered tardy. Disciplinary action, which may involve the school social worker, may be taken for excessive absences and tardiness as this interferes with student progress. Late entry into the classroom interrupts classroom procedure and instruction. Parents should explain the reason for the tardiness to the office. Perfect attendance is earned by a student being neither tardy nor absent for the entire year.



Bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc. may be ridden to school by students. Upon arriving on school grounds, students must walk their means of transportation to the assigned area for parking. The right to ride a bike or other item is a privilege and may be taken away if abused. It is recommended that bikes be locked during school hours. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items. By law, all children riding bicycles are required to wear a bike helmet.



Lake George is a neighborhood school. Since all students live within a 2 mile radius, no school bus transportation is provided. Students who meet specific criteria through district approved transfers or special programs may be eligible to receive bus transportation.



An extended day program is offered for child care from 7:00 am to 8:00 am before school and from 2:45 pm to 6:00 pm after school. This is a paid program. Please contact the extended day coordinator at 407-737-1435 for information and registration.

There are also a number of local day cares that pick up and drop off at our school. The main office can provide a list for you.



Lake George Elementary School seeks to maintain an orderly environment for education. To accomplish this, we have set a standard of student dress that is conducive to a proper educational climate. In addition to the list found in the Student Code of Conduct, the following are also prohibited at Lake George: dyed or extreme hair styles, make-up, tattoos, and long fake fingernails. Clothing worn by students shall be neat, clean, and in good repair for the general personal health and safety of the student. Immodest clothing of such type that distracts from the learning process shall not be worn. Sturdy shoes or sneakers are necessary for safety during Physical Education or recess. Students who come to school dressed inappropriately will be expected to change. Parents will be contacted to bring appropriate clothing. Students will not be permitted to attend classes in inappropriate clothing.



School ends daily at 3:00 (2:00 on Wed.). Students are expected to attend school the entire day. Parents are encouraged to make medical and other appointments for after school hours as early dismissals are very disruptive to the instructional process. Students who need to leave the campus during the school day for a dental, doctor, or other appointment must be checked out by the parent or guardian through the Main Office. A PHOTO l.D. WILL BE REQUIRED TO SIGN A STUDENT OUT OF SCHOOL. There will be no early dismissal from class after 2:45 pm (1:45 on Wed.). For the safety of our children, no student is to be removed from class without the teacher’s prior knowledge.


At the beginning of the school year, please discuss with your child’s teacher how you expect him/her to get home. If there is a change in your standard routine please send a note to your child’s teacher. If a written note is not received by the teacher, the child will be sent home his regular way. The office will not accept changes of dismissal over the telephone except in cases of extreme emergency.



Report cards are distributed at the end of each nine weeks. Parents are scheduled 2 report card conferences with the classroom teacher each year. Additional conferences may be requested by teachers or parents if there is a need. OCPS uses an online grade book called ProgressBook. You may access your child’s grades and assignments using the parent access login at at any time. Grades are posted within a week of the test or assignment due date. Letter grades are given in grades 2-5 and are based on student progress in accomplishing Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. The following grading scale is used for all OCPS schools: A = 90-100 B = 80-89 C = 70-79 D = 60-69 F = 0-59.



A health room is available to comfort students who become ill during the school day or to provide emergency care until emergency personnel or a parent can be reached to pick up the student. We do not have a nurse or other medical personnel on our staff. A health assistant will give children what medical attention is allowable under county health policies; however, if a child has a temperature or is clearly ill, the parent will be contacted to take the child home. A sick child should not be left in the health room more than thirty minutes. A Medical Emergency card should be on file for each student to list other adults who are authorized by the parent to take the child home when the parent cannot be reached.


Medication may be administered to children by trained school staff when appropriate forms have been completed by parents. Please contact the health assistant to obtain these forms. Medication must be in the ORIGINAL CONTAINER, whether it is prescription or over the counter.


A student who has head lice must be picked up immediately from school and treated. All nits must be removed before a student may return to class.



Homework is assigned to the student as a reinforcement of newly introduced concepts or as an enrichment activity. Homework assignments are separate assignments that enhance the conceptual formation of skills for students. Length of homework assignments vary depending on the grade level. Parents can expect homework at all grade levels on a regular basis.



An insurance program is available at a nominal fee for all students. At the beginning of the school year, a notice from the insurance company explaining the coverage and cost is sent home.





All articles which are found should be taken to the health room. Students are encouraged to label all personal items for easy identification. Unclaimed items are periodically donated to charity.



Breakfast: $1.25 Lunch: $1.80 Milk: $.35


Breakfast is available from 8:15 until 8:40 am each morning. Students must arrive early enough to eat breakfast and still arrive to class on time (8:40 am).


Students are encouraged to pay for lunch and breakfast weekly. Checks can be made out to Lake George Elementary Cafeteria. Please place checks or money in an envelope with the student’s name, teacher’s name and the amount of money enclosed. Teachers will collect lunch money daily in the classroom. You can also make payments and check balances using our online service at

OCPS Policy allows students to charge only ONE meal before being provided an alternative meal of a peanut butter or cheese sandwich and milk. Please be sure to keep your child’s account current. Low balance statements are sent home on a regular basis. Menus can be accessed on our website. Students are discouraged from bringing fast food, soda, or candy for lunch. Food items in glass containers are prohibited.


Parents are welcome to visit and eat lunch with their child during the lunch period. Notification to the classroom teacher is required 24 hours in advance. Parents must sign in at the main office and wait for a student escort. Parents are not permitted to visit during breakfast.



Free and reduced breakfast and lunch are available for families who qualify. Applications are sent home at the beginning of the school year. Families whose financial status changes at any time throughout the year, may request and submit a new application. Only one application per FAMILY is required.


Reduced Prices Breakfast: $.30 Lunch: $.40 Milk: $.35



Students are required to make up work missed due to absences. Students will be given a reasonable length of time to make up work. Students are responsible for contacting teachers for make-up work. Parents are encouraged to request assignments if they know that their child will be out for an extended length of time. A 48-hour notice for requested work packets is required. The teachers will not be able to repeat in-class demonstrations, lectures, and instruction. Tests will be made up at the teacher’s convenience.



Students may check out books from the Media Center for two weeks at a time. There are no fines charged for overdue books; however, a student with an overdue book is not allowed to check out another book until the overdue book is returned.

Lost books must be paid for in full, and damaged books paid for in proportion to the damage as assessed by the media specialist. All payments must be made before another book can be checked out. When a book is lost and paid for and is later found, the money will be refunded. If you are moving, all library books must be returned so that the student’s record can be cleared.


Parent-Teacher Association

PTA is a very worthwhile organization dedicated to supporting the education and welfare of children. Cost for membership is $5.00 per member. All families are encouraged to become members and to actively support the programs, fundraisers, and activities of the PTA.



Continuous and ongoing communication is key to your child’s success. All classes use a daily student planner and homework folder. Please review your child’s planner and folder each night, sign the planner, and return it to school each morning. Teachers are available by email and voicemail. Please allow 48 hours for a response, although many will respond to your concerns much sooner. Please understand that teachers are only available to conference or take calls before and after school or during their daily planning period.



Two class parties are held each year, one before the winter break and one at the end of the year. Birthday parties for students are not appropriate at school. Individual teachers may allow parents to send a special birthday snack. Only store purchased items in original packaging may be served to students at school. School board policy prohibits serving homemade items to students.



OCPS requires families to provide schools with current addresses and phone numbers at all times. Please notify the Main Office immediately if you have changed your address, home, work, or emergency phone numbers. Expired leases must be updated and presented to the registrar for proof of residency each school year. In case of emergency, we MUST have a current phone number through which you may be contacted. A note or phone call will enable us to update our records.



Students who, because of illness or injury, are temporarily unable to participate in physical education activities need to present a note from their parent to the PE teacher explaining the problem. Students are required to attend classes to observe the lessons when unable to participate. Students who need to be excused from activities for a week or more must provide a doctor’s excuse.

If your child has any permanent physical restrictions or disabilities, please notify the physical education teacher and the Main Office.



Students who meet required academic standards are promoted to the next grade level at the end of the school year. Promoted will be marked on the report card on the last day of the school year. Students not meeting academic standards must be retained or promoted with remediation.

Any student who does not meet the district levels of performance in reading, writing, and mathematics or who does not meet the specific levels of performance on statewide assessments must be provided remediation. Insufficient attendance, failing or unsatisfactory grades, and lack of adequate progress may cause a student to be retained in a grade. Parents are given adequate notification of impending failure through interim progress reports, report cards, and/or conferences (in person or by phone) with the teacher. It is very important that parents heed such notification and work with the child and the teacher to try to turn the situation around.



Weather Delayed Dismissal Procedures

Weather delayed dismissals may occur when the normal dismissal process cannot be completed because of severe weather – primarily heavy rain without lightning. Each school will make every effort to follow the normal dismissal process to the extent the weather allows. A typical rain storm normally moves through an area in about 30 minutes. Parents should expect a weather delay to the dismissal process to last approximately 30 minutes.

If lightning is observed followed within 30 seconds by the sound of thunder, the district’s 30 – 30 Rule will apply. Thirty minutes must pass following the last lightning strike that was within 30 seconds of the thunder clap before it is deemed safe for student dismissal or outdoor activities to resume.

As soon as it becomes apparent that weather may delay the dismissal process, parents will be notified via an Orange-Connect message of the potential for a delay in the dismissal process due to weather.

Parents who wish to pick up their child before the weather clears will be allowed to sign their child out from the school. Parents will be directed to sign students out directly from the classrooms.

Normal dismissal will resume when it is safe to do so based on changes in the weather.



All students are provided a copy of the OCPS Student Code of Conduct. All students are held accountable for the expectations set forth in this document. This includes student use of school internet policies as well. Parents are expected to read, review, and discuss with their child the rights, rules, and consequences described in the Student Code of Conduct. Parents and students must sign and return the acknowledgement on the cover of the Student Code of Conduct.



Many students at this school have the opportunity of being videotaped and/or photographed at school. Some of these tapings may eventually air on campus television and photographs may appear in newspapers or school websites. In addition, some video tapings and photographs are utilized at local, state, or national conferences or workshops.



Lake George is a very open campus. Due to safety concerns, ALL VISITORS TO OUR CAMPUS MUST SIGN IN AND WEAR A VISITOR STICKER OR NAME TAG. All parents/guardians or volunteers are required to check in through the Main Office before going to classrooms. All classroom visits must be prearranged (including lunch) with the classroom teacher.



It would be very difficult for Lake George to operate without its devoted and dedicated volunteers (ADDitions) who work so diligently assisting in the classroom and at home. We welcome and thank you for your time. ADDitions applications must be completed and approved in order for volunteers to assist us. These forms are available online at Volunteers may not bring younger siblings to school when working directly in the classroom or when going on field trips.



Lake George maintains an up to date school website to assist our families and to keep you up to date on school policies, programs, important news and information. We encourage you to visit often for the latest news and announcements.



Parents must notify the Main Office in person to complete a Withdrawal Form when a student is to be withdrawn from school. Textbooks and library books need to be returned to school prior to withdrawal. Your notification to the Main Office that your child will be withdrawing will enable us to complete his school records and provide you with necessary documentation for entry into his/her next school.