Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education - General Mills

Did you know that Lake George could earn hundreds of dollars by saving Box Tops? It's true! To motivate the students to start saving we are having monthly drawings. The class that collects the most Box Tops in each grade level will win a prize.

Click here to view products participating in the Box Tops for Education program.

Students receive a collection sheet at the beginning of every month. Need more collection sheets? You can print one from the link below. Box Tops can also be turned in on scrap paper or in a plastic baggie to your child's teacher.

Extra collection sheets can be printed from here!


All Box Tops money raised is used to support school programs that directly benefit all students, such as field trips, in school assemblies, character education programs, as well as Art, PE and Music.

Lake George students are making a Box Tops sculpture out of participating products. Send in the clean, empty container to your child's teacher with the Box Tops removed. We are using them to create a "work of art" sculpture that we have been adding to throughout the year.


Thank you for your support!!!

A collection box is located in the media center.

Box Tops - The Power is in your hands`