Fifth Grade

 Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Team

From left to right
Miss Webb, Mrs. Peepolson, Miss Halpin,
Ms. Adams, Mrs. T. Cooper and Mrs. Nocks 


Report Card

Grading System

English Language Arts (ELA), Math, and Science

Tests/Projects 50%

Classwork/Quizzes 40%

Homework/Participation 10%


Social Studies

Classwork/Quizzes 100%

Important Documents

FCAT Information

Parent Checklist Science Vocabulary

Email Addresses

Curriculum Information



Student Login for

Reading, Science, and Math

Dear Parents,

Below are directions for how to access online Reading, Math, and Science materials available at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s ThinkCentral Web site. ThinkCentral is an all-in-one learning site that provides access to digital books, activities, readers, and more.

1. Open Internet Explorer or Google Chrome (preferred browser).
2. Enter the following website:
3. Select State: Florida
Select district: Orange Co Public School Dist, Orlando 32801
Select School: Lake George Elementary
Click Box: Remember my information
4. User name: oc+student number ex: oc480384652
Password: oc+birthdate starting with the year ex: oc20031203 (Dec 3, 2003)
**This is the same username/password your child uses on a daily basis at school to log on, except for the “oc” in front of it.
5. Once logged in, you can choose:

Things to Do

Displays a list of assignments and due dates as assigned by your child’s teacher.

My Library

Gives you access to the online version of your child’s textbooks (Reading, Math, Science). From here, you can print pages, read stories, watch tutorials, etc.

My Test Scores



Displays your child’s grades on online assignments.