Improve your Student’s TEST Brain Power!!

Good student health is vital to student learning and test taking. Here are some tips for helping your students do their best during testing!

The Days Before the Test

  • Elementary school students need 10-11 hours of sleep each night. Because sleep loss adds up over many days, encourage your students to get a good night’s sleep throughout the days leading up to testing. Students will have improved focus on test day if they are well rested.
  • Discourage screen watching at least one hour before your student’s bedtime. This includes television, computer, and/or video games. Encourage your child to engage in soothing activities, such as reading or listening to music, before bed to help them unwind.
  • Breakfast is important! Make sure your student eats a good breakfast on each day of the test, either at home or in the school cafeteria. Prepare hearty breakfasts like eggs, bagels, or oatmeal instead of sugary cereals, toaster pastries, or other sweet options. A breakfast high in sugar could cause them to feel hungry during the test as their blood sugar drops. A breakfast high in protein or complex carbohydrates will keep them full longer and allow them to concentrate on their test, instead of their stomach.
  • Talk to your student about their feelings about test taking. Testing can be a very stressful time for young children. Be sure to put the test in perspective, and help them understand that your love for them is not conditional on their test performance.
  • Contact your child’s teacher to see if there is anything you can do to help out on test day. Some teachers might appreciate donations of healthy snacks to serve the students before school or during the test breaks.

On Test Day

  • Allow yourself extra time in the morning to get ready. Give your student plenty of time to eat breakfast. Rushing out the door could cause your student to feel more anxious than necessary.
  • Remind your child that you love them and that you are confident that they will do their best on the test. Your student will feel confident only if they believe that you are behind them 100%.
  • Be sure your student arrives at school on time! Testing starts promptly when school starts.
  • Remind your students to sip water before the test and during breaks. Water is the preferred fuel for the brain. A dehydrated student will be sluggish, but an overhydrated student will need to use the restroom during the test.