VPK & Kindergarten

 VPK & Kindergarten Team


Team VPK and K 

From left to right:

Mrs. Wilmeth, Ms. Joyce, Ms. Rogers, Miss Scheib and Miss Jones

Kindergarten Grading Scale

English Language Arts (ELA), Math and Science

Assessments 40%

Classwork 50%

Sight Words 10%

Social Studies

Classwork 100%

Kindergarten Behavior Expectations

Dear Parents,

Your child will bring home his/her GREEN folder every day as a means of communication between school and home. Notes in the Return to School pocket are due back to me and those in the Leave at Home pocket are to be taken out of the folder daily. When you need to send something to school, such as lunch money or a note, please send it to me in the GREEN folder. Teachers will check the folder every morning.

We use Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline in our classrooms. The program enables the student to self evaluate their behavior, provides a “safe place” to think, tools to help relax them, and refocus their attention in a positive direction.

Behavior Rules:

1. Works and plays well with others
2. Assumes responsibility for actions
3. Completes tasks
4. Exhibits good listening skills and follows directions
5. Observes classroom and school rules


  • Purple - Exemplary Behavior (I had an absolutely awesome day!)
  • Green - Great Choices (I had a really good day learning.)
  • Yellow - So So Behavior (I needed several behavior reminders.)
  • Orange - Better Choices Needed (My behavior stopped the learning process several times.)
  • Red - Behavior Consequences (I needed a time-out to think about improving my behavior.)

Rewards Given Out In The Classroom

  • Stickers, Stamps, Treasure Box
  • Praise, Praise, and More Praise
  • Lunch with teacher
  • Happy note, email, or phone call home
  • Extra free time at a center of their choice

Sight Words

Kindergarten Sight Words List One - PDF Format (pdf) 

Kindergarten Sight Words List Two - PDF Format (pdf)

Kindergarten Sight Words List Three - PDF Format (pdf)

Kindergarten Sight Words List Four - PDF Format (pdf)