Health Room


We have a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to assist ill students until a parent or guardian
can be reached.  If a child is ill or injured, the parent will be contacted to take the child home. A sick child should not be left in the health room more than thirty minutes. A Medical Emergency Form must be on file for each student to list other adults who are authorized by the parent to take the child home when the parent cannot be reached.


Children will not be allowed to take medication at school without completing the appropriate
forms. Please contact the school nurse to obtain these forms. Medication must be in the
original container, whether it is prescription or over the counter. All medication, including
cough drops, aspirin, etc. must be delivered to the health room by parents.


A student who has head lice must be picked up immediately from school and treated. All nits must be removed before a student may return to class.