Second Grade

Second Grade Team
Second Grade Team

From left to right:

Ms. Corley, Mrs. Farmer, Ms. McCarthy and Ms.Smith

 Welcome to Second Grade! 

We have an exciting year planned for our giraffe scholars. We will participate in science lab experiments, learn new math facts, and begin to read to learn! We will continue to encourage kindness and to be a bucket filler in our classes and around campus. Don’t forget to always stretch for excellence ! 
In order for our scholars to be successful they will have nightly homework to practice the skills they are learning in class. Monday and Wednesday will be math homework and Tuesday and Thursday spelling homework. In addition to these assignments scholars will be expected to read for 20 minutes per day. We have a long list of sight words that we also expect the scholars to practice. 
This year we will be using laptops in our classrooms. If you have a laptop or computer at home your child can access their school launchpad. This can be found at  Scholars will log in with their username and password.


Grading Scale

Classwork: 40%
Test: 50%
Quiz 30%
Classwork: 20%
Health/Social Studies
Classwork: 100%
Test: 60%
Classwork: 40%