School Song

Lake George School Song

Monday through Friday,
I know I’ll spend my day

Learning in a place,
Where my dream s can grow.

Everyday we pass the test,
By doing our very best.

When we set goals,
We shoot for the stars!

We have dreams you and me,
To grow into whom we want to be.

Teachers and our friends help us along the way.
an’ I will always give my best,

Cause here we stretch for excellence.
Striving for new heights here at Lake George.


Kindness, honesty and trust,
Values that we’ll take with us

Long after our time here,
Has come to pass.

When you look around you’ll see,
In this school we’re family.

Together we shine here at Lake George.
Together we all shine at Lake George!

Words and Music © 2003 by Nicole Kline
for the students and faculty
of Lake George Elementary