Accelerated Reader

What is Accelerated Reader?

AR is a web-based reading incentive program for students. Students are given a personal reading goal by their teachers and are challenged to achieve this goal. Students that make their goals are presented with a special prize on the morning announcements.

How can parents help with AR at home?

Begin by asking your child what his or her goal is.
Help your child plan for the goal by calculating how many books a week are needed to test on.
Ask questions frequently. How are you doing on the AR tests? What score did you make?

What kinds of books are AR books?

AR books are almost any book your child may read. These can be books checked out from the Lake George library, the public library, or any book your child may personally own. Just be sure that the books are on your child's designated reading level. Ask the teacher if you are not sure of your child's reading range/level.


Helpful AR Links

View your child's AR progress and receive emails about
tests taken by using Home Connect. Renaissance - Log In (

*Email the LGE Media Specialist for your child's user name and password.
[email protected]

Search the Orlando Public Library for AR books!

Search for book titles and levels, make reading lists, etc.

AR Color Codes (used only in the Lake George media center)

AR Book Finder Parent Guide